Q:  Who is Simple Man ?

A:  Simple Man is a company formed by 2 guys from central Ohio.  We are both former athletes who continue to train and monitor the foods that we eat.  We originally developed our products for personal consumption because we love snack foods but hate the high sodium and refined sugars that are typically the main components of them.  We would never sell our customers anything that we wouldn't consume ourselves.

Q:  Why the name 'Simple Man' ?

A:  In a materialistic world of massive chaos and constant distractions, we feel that it's important to recognize and embrace the basics of life.  Our simple mindset translates into all aspects of our lives including what we eat.  So much of what people consume today has very little nutritional benefit due to preservatives, sugars, and sodium.  Simple Man Foods' products were designed to be the opposite of that.  We enjoy our products and hope that you do as well.

Q:  What is the sodium content of your jerky ?

A:  It varies slightly from flavor to flavor, but all of our carefully crafted jerky has significantly less sodium than the leading brands.  In developing our flavors it was extremely important to us to deliver a product that our customers could enjoy in plentiful quantities without having to worry about detrimental ingredients.