The beginning:  Simple Man Foods began when two buddies embarked on an 8hr road trip to go salmon fishing.  Along the way, they came upon a beef jerky store that sold their product in various flavors by the pound.  Needless to say, the jerky tasted great and it did not survive to see the final destination.  Both being very mindful of their diet, and figuring that they each consumed about two weeks worth of sodium, the idea to produce a low sodium alternative was born.  Not wanting to sacrifice taste, the Simple Man team tested recipes in their home kitchens for almost an entire year.  Finally, four delicious flavors were chosen and brought to market.

Living the brand:  We  at Simple Man strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle through both diet and exercise.  Eating sensibly and intense workouts are routine for us.  We developed our products for ourselves as well as for those who share our mindset.

The promise:  We promise to bring our customers the best tasting and most healthy jerky on the market.  We always appreciate feedback and are constantly working to develop new flavors and products.  Reward yourself with the best and enjoy our jerky.