My wife bought me an ammo can of Simple Man Jerky for Valentine's Day. Great stuff! Love the primitive and wildfire flavors.

-Kevin O.  Feb. 15, 2015

Phenomenal taste and tenderness in the healthiest jerky I've found.

-Matt B. 7/28/14

FANTASTIC product !!FANTASTIC company !!  Thank you!

-Summer R. 8/1/14



The Simple Man Mission Statement

Unfortunately, the majority of most tasty snack options are full of sodium, enhanced with preservatives, and laden with refined sugar.  Not anymore.  Simple Man Natural Food products are thoughtfully crafted for those who are selective about the foods that they consume.  Our goal is to provide our valued customers with delicious and healthy snack alternatives that cater to a  mindful diet and an active lifestyle.  We use only the best natural ingredients to create our energy rich foods.  Our goal is to fuel yours.